Using machine learning and data science to help your business do more with less from further away
We believe increasing operational efficiency starts with finding novel ways to close the gap from information-to-action across all of your business activities.
We use predictive data-modeling techniques and develop algorithms that can be trained to help your employees make better decisions at scale and speed.
We help you turn your information into actionable insights and communicate meaning instantly, all the time and everywhere.
Who we are

Ereuna systems is a small data science and software engineering company based in Australia and New Zealand. We focus on finding business intelligence solutions to the key pain points experienced by medium to large business trying to trade locally and compete globally.

Our overall aspiration is to increase efficiency by giving our clients employees access to powerful, measurable, adaptable, day-to-day assistance in making decisions quickly, prioritising them and then taking action at scale.

What we do

We provide our clients access to a suite of always on, always ready, bespoke robot-advisors that do not suffer from fatigue or the same types of emotional or cognitive difficulties their employees experience. Intelligence augmentation systems that can understand exactly what you mean, can learn what you need or want and can give you back the answer immediately.

How we do it

In consultation with our clients we identify novel ways of modelling business data. Using those insights we then construct: powerful computational-algorithms; knowledge identification, aquisition and retention tools; along with simplified, complimentary user interfaces. We then implement and integrate these quasi-intelligent, predictively reasoning, task automation assistants into our clients already existing operational networks. A period of training, modification and adaption follow until the assistants are able to function independently of direct human oversight.

Why we are special

We are part of the new wave of small, highly specialised, yet trully agnostic technology companies; consisting of a working group of data-scientists, social scientists, business management consultants, intelligence-augmentation and communications, software engineers. A complimentary collection of diversely experienced individuals solely focused on finding practical, real-world, ways to give business a competitive edge in an increasingly segmented, verticalised and disrupted, global, marketplace.

Consulting Services Director Viv Gurrey

Viv is a leadership and governance professional with over 30 years of experience working in organisations such as IBM, GEAC Corporation, KPMG and SAP. Viv has led major software development projects and complex multi-million dollar implementations across the Asia Pacific region. Viv brings structure, discipline and process to her governance role with Ereuna

Strategic advisor Josh Borgia Frost MBA

Josh has a focussed interest in social media and digital transformation. Having headed-up sales for the telco, engineering and media giants - Fairfax, Siemens and Ericsson, Josh is ideally positioned to help our clients identify their sales and marketing automation problems.

Communications engineering Hang Yu M.Eng. BComm.Eng. Ph.D. (forthcoming)

Hang concentrates on data analysis and algorithm performance evaluation. Hang is responsible for data modelling and machine learning systems development at Ereuna and is a valuable innovation assett to all our clients.

Software engineering Liang Yang B.ENG. MCS Ph.D.(forthcoming)

Previously a senior software engineer at Motorola, Ericsson and IBM; Liang's research focus is on cloud computing, artificial intelligence and its implementation across big-data networks. Liang is responsible for software, development, integration, deployment and use at Ereuna and his knowledge of cutting edge technology is essential to any legitimately forward-facing project.

Chief Technology Officer New Zealand Ryan Moody BSC. B.(Hons) Physics

Ryan’s experience leading international technology product trials in France and Asia makes him a strong addition to the Ereuna team. His passion for thin-film technologies complimented with an analytical mindset ensures that Ereuna’s clients continue to be technology leaders in their industries. Ryan’s responsibilities are to facilitate the rapid, low risk, high ROI adoption of emerging technologies.

Strategic Director Oceania Allan Vickers B.A.(Des). B.(hons). MSC. Ph.D.(forthcoming)

Allan focuses on the role, intelligent computing systems play in structuring the way humans make decisions and take actions in extended social networks. Allan is Ereuna's overall solution architect, working with clients, consultants and scientists to find novel ways of solving the problems of task automation, predicting the outcomes of business decisions or actions, retrospectively, assessing the quality of decisions and then attributing responsibility for them.

Chief Executive Officer Jared Gurrey BCA

Having co-founded New Zealand’s largest luxury car rental company, Jared's mixture of youthful energy, innovative thinking and knowledge of commercial law makes him the logical leadership choice for Ereuna systems.

General Manager Shavez Parkinson B.A. Political Science

Shavez's strategic involvement in investing in the regions media industry and his experience with all aspects of business management, provides the necessary skills-base to run all of the day-to-day business operations at Ereuna.

Contact Ereuna

Ereuna Systems Limited (6227748) Level 31, 2-6 Gilmer Terrace, Wellington, 6011, New Zealand

Main: +6444726428